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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,
For 4404,

4) We have allergy got user creation Sync Process between Voip and Telinta this once of the jobs previously done by your company if you try to visit home page portal.voip.us as a guest and find some number -> it will redirect you to a number purchase page -> from here there should be a functionality adding a new user to both Voip & Telinta while ordering number and then it should generate a purchase order on voip and this order has to be sync with Telinta and thats how eventually new customer got their numbers available on their on his voip account numbers page for further porting and numbers managment. PArtly already done and partly not this is your next job. However password has to be already encipted on both VP-T could you please check.

Yes, the synchronization on User creation is working fine on
(1) When user register him/her on VP and
(2) When guest user try to purchase any number from VP and add his detail on user detail form.

But I am talking about the sync. scenario on customer listing page on admin. When we click on the “Synchronize Telinta & Voip record” it will sync. the existing customer (on VP & T) data and if any new customer on telinta it will sync. it T-VP but when the unsyncronized new customer on VP we have encrypted password for that customer so we have to add encrypted pass word on telinta which is useless because the telinta does use encrypted password format and it is not possible to use encrypted password for login.

Laravel using hash encryption to encypt password by default but telita is not using any encryption for it’s password.