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Hello Nishit thank you for your message it seems that we are looking at some different data.This is why we asked a tester to run quick check and give us some feed back.

1) So firstly i thing we need to set up an email filed in login settings page as it brings confusion when customers go to login settings and not sure how to change their email which they can use for their pass recovery. Currently there is an account ID set on that place and that makes customers confused why it is there as the account ID is not what they’ve been logging in with.

2) Secondly Telinta customers have a few customers ID associated with the Telinta account and with a number they purchased.All these information can be stored in account settings page These information can not be changed but displaid for customers information.

3) Our VP login details should be associated with Web Self Care on Telinta as Telita provides its own internal numbers management portal that we do not want our users to see but some of those parameters to be available for use on Voip Site

4) As a result from above i think we work on a different page and synchronization does not work. As per testing results there are numbers of mishaps with sync process including customers that showing on VOIP but do not exist on Telinta . Thus we need accurate sync process established between two VP-T portals.

5) We picked an other user and changed ones email then sync manually the saw a confirm message but we could not see its login email changed.

6) the email displaid on customer management page is the one that should be the one that user can use for pass recovery. So as the user has a username ID to login they should know an email for pass recovery. And email is the same as for the Web self Care. In other jobs we will talk about other emails.

7) Also sync not working for numbers that belongs to customers please see this screen. It is important to mention that once the number got to telinta it displais there with 1 in front of the number. ..remember Excellent Numbers? 🙂

8) and an other point if i would be on your place i would pay more attention to details when doing any work customers LOVE small details if you look at the customer page it looks very raw and dry no helping tools to remember your work. It is important to put these details and simplify all interface for our client so they will like your work and you’ll be always in demand. Just see this screen shot with some tips for you to fix this and take it for further consideration even if it has not been mentioned in the job.

(when you buy a curry the waiter brings you not only the curry you ordered but rice and nun right:) please do the same for customers.:)
Thank you

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  • This reply was modified 11 months, 2 weeks ago by Andrey.