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Hello NIshit thanks for your updates,
1) have checked “login as” functionality it does not work for some users even when we click synchronize button see this screen here but the user is in Telinta2) as for pass change see this screen shot if you login to Telinta and open any customer then got to Web Care there there are both pass and email filed customers can not access telinta but they should be able to change email

so on login settings i can see you have linked customer ID to the telinta ID and thats good we may need it for other jobs but where do clients change / add their emails? Shall we make an other filed under customer ID like email field or put it in to Account Settings job see here so customers know their email if they need it for pass recovery on log in (the Authentication Job) that you done and which should work?

Please advice

When finish this job we are working on more complex job for you with a better budget so it is important that all these areas are working and functioning that will ease your further work flow.

Rg A