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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

For Telinta <-> Voip Synchronization

In timely synchronizations

The flow for data sync. is explained here.

1) As per previous job when user change his/her detail it will also sync/update on telinta.And if user id(telinta ‘i_customer’) does not exist on VOIP it will throw an error.And when new user created on VOIP it will sync. on telinta.
2) Now for crone the the data flow of sync is upside down means when the crone is executed we have to take telinta data array as master array. means when the cron is run we take data from telinta and update VOIP database. And if any new user will create on telinta it will also create on VOIP.

The VOIP -> Telinta sync. flow will work when user change his detail, and Telinta -> VOIP sync flow will work when cron will run.

Note : This is explanation of the sync. flow. if do you have any question feel free to ask.