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Hello Nishit thank you for your message: for #4299 we will need to have a look at the possibilities to develop an auto synchronization aswell. What we did on other projects every time admin clicked save futton (while changing email for example) the system automatically synchronizes data.

We will need you Nishit to very carefully dive on it as some other upcoming jobs will require some sort of automated synchronization process as well as manually synchronized.

There is an other way to make a timely synchronizations menu so admin can set up an scheduled synchronization selection every 3-4-6 hours. Once again we will need to look at all these three options in carious cases differently to reach maximum efficiency.

for your NOTE: As per EST for this job completion budget of this job is low.
We can increase the budget but then it will be time framed which we do not want to put you under. We careful with budget due to numbers of jobs pending and we have not EST of when all these are going to be completed.

If we increase its budget then we have to put you in a time frame and if you failed to complete the job the finance will start cutting budget and it will bring some sort of stress to you which may lead to a rush and unqualify work from your end which we do not want.

Please let us know when you become confident with all this API cals work we will give you more complex work where you need to think and developer and we can put better budget for you.

regards Andrey