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Mark Hanson
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hello Nishit have tried to login as Mark and it seems that i have forot the pass, so i clicked on forgot the pass button then entered our email and then clicked Send Email which aftre has bee redirected to the source page similar to this

Please check this error so we could continue to test all you reported done.


1) I think it is also good idea to have a proper pop up / message / notification coming for this type of users #post-4217 if any

– In that case if user does not exist in voip portal then admin get email for this user does not exist in voip portal.
yes that’s good as admin should have all these correspondence must be copied to admin email. Also if user name or email does not exist on telinta can the user see the message saying that “credentials not matching please contact support for assistance”. If the username and pass are available in telinta then current message “These credentials do not match our records” is ok.

2) – I checked code there is no any synchronized, if any users created manually on Telinta portal.
it is strange as we paid Krunal to do synchronization from both sides if we change custom ID on telinta it suppose to be created on Voip etc.

Can you please confirm is the pass change from Telinta synchronizes with Voip? So if customer asks support to change one’s pass and we do it on Telinta and then send this pass to user will the user able to login with new pass that we set on Telinta? – Does this synchronization work as we asked you to do it?

while fixing issues on this job will work on new job for you.