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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

For #4246

1) the recovery email not being accepted – Done

2) there is a spelling mistakes in “Send Mail For Forgot Password” do the clients need to post Mail to an address to recover their pass? Shoudl be Password recovery email. EMail not mail – Done

3)Even if you indicate an email it does not work – Done

4)if the email or username associated with recovery email does not exist there should be a message saying that user name / email address combination does not exist… – Done

5) also when users trying to recover emails the copy of this email does not go to the site admin – Done

For #4252

1) I think it is also good idea to have a proper pop up / message / notification coming for this type of users #post-4217 if any
– In that case if user does not exist in voip portal then admin get email for this user does not exist in voip portal.

2) Nishit if any users created manualay on Telinta how we make sure they are also in *telinta_created_id is “i_customer”?
i think it should be all synchronized by Krunal or someone from your team with our Telinta Voip sinchroinisation job?

– I checked code there is no any synchronized, if any users created manually on Telinta portal.
but, if any users create manually on voip portal there synchronized with telinta portal, they are also *telinta_created_id is “i_customer”.