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Hi Nishit for your message #4217 can you please advice why the pass can not be changed for these accounts?

andrey.sob…my account has a number on Telinta but why i do not have a username ? is it a bag from previous developer or anything else?

the system should work this way this what Krunal done for us:
1) when new visitor comes to the site and searches for numbers here http://portal.voip.us/ in search
2) the system searches for numbers and then visitor can select some numbers to purhase and creates an account with us which is synchronizes with Telinta.
3) the order should be generated on this page http://portal.voip.us/admin/vieworders
4) and numbers purcahsed should be appearing in this page and this is how all this users suppose to have an account username

so why these users do not have a record in *telinta_created_id is “i_customer” value on the telinta portal.

Can you please check if that works or what does not work we may need to modify/fix that (on other job of course)

Thank You