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Hi Nishit i tested your work with “Andrey” username, i could reset my pass from my voip account password setting page and then could login with new pass and thats great! However when i tried to reset the pass with Forgot Password featue it still did not work for me:(

1) i clicked Forgot pass indicated my email and email come all good.
2) email received and i clicked the link and entered the page for pass reset, email filed was right and i input my new pass twice and clicked reset pass then error came up “USER DOES NOT EXIST”

User does not excist

but the user exist

so i could not change my pass using forgot pass feature unfortunately:(

3) and other email come with double screens for some reason

double screen email

in here i think there should be text like “Password Change Failed”

where text Hello %USERNAME%,
This is no notify that your password could not be changed please contact support team for assistance.
Error: % error details from telinta if any %

You are getting close Nishit with this API transmission i hope you can resolve this issue with “username not exist”!
Regards Andrey