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hello Nishit thank you for this good news, we will check your work once 100% completed.
3) can you please possition the Generate Pass button to the right side of the form right under the pass field along with “Password must have at least 6 characters and both letters and numbers” text

for QUERY(For 5 & 6) we tried to change password on both voip and telinta on voip we could not do it as it display error regarding pass characters but on Telinta we saved the pass without any issues. Aftre we saved pass on telinta we went back to voip and tried to see the pass for same user and it shown old pass no other indication.

for your note:

There is Possibility to change the password is if we get different password on Telinta then Voip then we will update Voip password same as Telinta

it is not possible for voip users to change pass on telinta only site admin can do that for security reasons but all voip members only can recover they pass trough Forgot Pass button and password reset options could be similar as on http://portal.voip.us/login-settings functionality

so customer provide username and or email registered with telinta account and system should send a proper instruction of email reset options.

In all these cases please allow site admit to recive all this pass recovery email notifications copies for security and monitoring purposes.
We have unlocked your cPanel access for DB queries,

Please let us know if you have any questions.