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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

1) please put eye icon in the password field so when we click on that it show pass and if we click again the pass gets hidden as on every other pass filed. – Done

2) Once 1) done please remove Show Password Button – Done

3) Please move generate password button to the right hand side of the form – Done

4) We tried to put following pass MICK7777 and tried to save it but it did not allow us due to some pass characters restrictions. – Done

5) then we opened Telinta and under the same user we put the same MICK7777 pass and clicked save and it did saved and allow us to save this password.

6) then we went back to (http://portal.voip.us/login-settings)page and clicked show password for same user it showed old password so the pas not being synchronized. We did it twice and pass not being synchronized between Telinta and Voip http://portal.voip.us/login-settings) page but it is suppose to be.

QUERY(For 5 & 6): When User change password on Voip the password will change in Telinta but, When user change password on Telinta there is no indication about profile update means it is not showing any updated date or any other indication.

NOTE: There is Possibility to change the password is if we get different password on Telinta then Voip then we will update Voip password same as Telinta.