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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nistit thank you for your updates!

1) thank you we could see you added files upload will check if it works and get back to you if it something wrong
2) thank you
3) we can see that by default all statuses selected but in the job it says that by “By default all statuses should be chosen except “canceled” and “ported out”.” please check if that build in.

Query in video:-

7) in the job i read that client wants each customer groups to have a time selection time options as per job.
So if you see there are number of customers groups here so when site admin click edit on ANY of existing groups there should be time selections as mentioned in the job and ability to add /change this timing selections. Each of these groups should have their own default values. However each group should have a NONE option so if site admin chooses NONE then customers in this group can not reserve the number and appropriate message / pop up should be displayed.

Please note in the job it has been mentioned that site admin may create new customer group and once created the default settings should be already inherited to it. Please let me know if you can not understand anything from the job it is all clear so if you do all the points mentioned in the job you wont get wrong:)

5) For the banner is also simple:
if you can see there is a list of banners templates here so when you edit any banner here for example there are numbers of places where the banner can be displayed on the various site areas BUT only home page is in the list. So the customer wants you to create an ability to display a banner on all custom created pages and have all these pages in the list (maybe dropdown) to choose where each banner shoudl be displaid and wich area.

Important – Please note that customer may create a new page to test your work so all new created pages should be automatically added to your pages list.

Please let me know if you have any questions
cheers M