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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates,

1) Tried to reserve the number it looks better but when i go to the number view page it still not right i think it should show both cancel reservation button and pay now i could not find these. Will check on reservation label on different browsers so it looks right and get back to you IF anything wrong.

2) Search by area code looks better well done just if you please make the buttons right at the widget header see this sample so it looks contemporary like a butons clicked donw when active and up when off with shadows we; you know how

please also allow more area codes to be displayd but when customer clicks on see more it should double.

3) this one is better now!
4) Thank you!

P. S i can see you also work on the Status Bar please do not forget the task: – “By default all statuses should be chosen except “canceled” and “ported out”.”

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