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hi Nishit,
2) looks better will keep monitoring if other areas fine as well
3) can you please move the radio buttons and time options to the center of the pop up.
4) sorry looks bad the reservation label sits in a side somewhere i guess that’s because you did not properly do the Product View Page Upgrade task that causing your entire framework looking crap.
5) sorry again when you look at your own screen shot do you think it looks great? Would you design your own web same? icons squashed,filters sinking down the header,price!… did you see whats going on with priice…etc ??? please redo
6) same thing
7) number is not blurry any more will check other places
8) same thing as 4 and 5

please also check the video from Andrey we finding some jobs not done
We can not find such jobs as Search by Area Codes, Numbers Page Upgrade, Customers Group (reservation) and others mentioned in the video.

thank you

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