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hello all, thank you for cooperation,
for #3921 has not been done,

Nishit i have done an other video for you and some more issues we found to fix before we go to an other jobs:

In this video i put multiple issues and numbered them all for you so if you have any questions or fix them you can number each issue numbered in the video. Also we have prepared some screen shots for you so you can work on them individually. Once fixed please send us your screens so we can see you checked it and it fixed;

Here we go below:

1) video issues 12 issues found here please watch
2) see how buttons look
3) Very bad looking popup please organize it properly options down under the text centered aligned properly designed
4) number page look screen
5) Search by area code missing job screen
6) see how we can see number from mobile it is not as we described in the job
7) Number blurry see screen
8)here is how reserved number look like when we look at it from mobile

please fix these above in the video and screens, let us know if any questions.

thank you