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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates we hope you’ve had a great holiday and fresh returning back to work!
We have been checking your updates and get back to you if any issues found.

Meanwhile after you updates we noted that that numbers activation notice in admin site became broken:
1) We have a customer purchase multiple numbers but only one record for one number saved in admin notes and we missing other messages for the rest of the numbers can you please fix it?

2) Widget on the right we found done but design wise it is like on a dating site or kindergarten probably affected from your holiday of colors:) Do not want to criticize but just passing over our customer’s feedback. So would you please make it a bit more perfectional, contemporary in the same time not losing your approach attracting site members.

also would you please advice when do you think we can finish this job (as we can see your EST before this job suppose to be finished by now) so we can plan other work for you if interested?