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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

For 3897

1) We logged in from a client and clicked reserve an XXX number, the pop up come up with options, we chose 2 days option then (pretend that client change his mind) and clicked “X” to close pop up. Then pop up closed and it seems that it is all right but after popup closed we could not clicked any other numbers reservations buttons on this page as all reservation btns frozen. Then we tried to reload this page and we could not find the XXX number we tried to reserve first time so we found it trough our search and it showing as reserved for some reason but we did not confirmed reservation for first number as we did not click OK and close pop up. Can you please fix it. – Done

2) Please make the popup and inside content looking properly and aligned see screen. It should also has a text “For how many days/hours would you like to reserve the number?” please read the job. – Done

3) Please see this video from Andre they testing reservation and when we reserve number from one account and then checking this reserved number from an other client it dispalys incorrectly allowing other customers purcase and reserve already reserved numbers please see this video for more details – Done

4) an other error as we already mentioned earlier the numbers labeled CONTACT US should not be available for purchase and not showing its price but on this video from Andre clients still can purchase expensive numbers that only suppose to lead to contact us page and could not be purchased, can you please fix it asap see video for more details. – Done

Update For Task : —

1) Widget on the right – Done

Thanks & Regards