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Hello Nishit thanks for your updates, firstly we got some complains from customers who not be able to access My Numbers page i do not know whether it is a link broken or other issue please fix it asap happened after your latest files upload.

Will check your updated design and get back to you IF any issues.

As per Home Page Search task – very easy, when site admin add new state or area code it is appearing on the search right away same with area codes matching their states, states orders and etc – so this Home Page Search task is to make sure that Home page search has inherited all these attributes as Advance Search is and if the site admin added new area code (for example) it will be right away available at the site front home page search same as advanced search. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Nishit I know we already mentioned that before but just reminder when you finish your work and uploaded new files on the server I know it is hard to check all the site BUT if you could kindly check most functioning areas:
1) My Numbers Page access ability – it is like now you finished your job and we started reciving complains aftr 2-3 hours from then that page can not be accessed. Same for…
2) Customers can add numbers and purchase them from the site
3) Top Up Funds if they need trough top up page.
Thank you!