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Hi Nishit

Status Filter it is very strange which browser you made this screen shot it shows arrows down and up for pin and call forwarding please make sure that there is no arrows there

Reservationsee this screen shot from mobile how messy it is and no X button to close this pop up if customer change this mind and decided to close this pop up.

we can not find how we can find reservation in customers groups would you please advice where it is?

Status Filter – it is not quite right could you please make a dropdown (sample) with a reservation statuses so when the menu drop down we could see all statuses with their tick boxes and can tick more than one to select. And default selections as per job.

thank you

Errors – Nishit can you please check #3867 so the site rules not break so ppl can not buy reserved numbers, numbers with no prices not suppose to be available for purchase for other members etc. We think it is a error goes back to your multiple purchase button work – please check.

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