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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

For #3845

In notification emails – we stopped receiving customer’s name for some reason for both admin and customer see this screen could you please fix it. However when we activate numbers manulay it works please see this screen shot. While fixing this please keep in mind that our notifications display name of the customer set in notification preferences So if customer add a contact in notification preferences for his employee “Sara” for example then notification email should go to that particular email contact with that excact name mentioned in addon email contact and should sound “Congratulations Sara!” – Done

2) in #3831 (a) still not fixed can you please fix it see screen shot attached. – Done

For #3849

I picked random number in admin (orders) and TN status shows active which is right but here is the question why clients numbers not being displayed?

– Done, Customer All number are display in My Number page in mobile site