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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

For #3818

1) to re-produce this error you need to purchase 3 numbers and before activation just remove first number from Telinta Batch (then it will be 100% failed activation) then test…

– I bought 3 the number (718) 509-0543, (718) 509-9629, (718) 514-7271 then remove Price batch for this number (718) 514-7271

– try to activate (718) 514-7271 this number without price batch
Set No price batch in telinta side : ibb.co/FVYhNwm
Error in customer popup is : ibb.co/TKLnX6P
Send mail to admin : ibb.co/XbbL1hz
No available for manual activation in table : ibb.co/njkGVL4

– After assign price batch to “NO CHARGE” for (718) 514-7271 and then activate this number

assign price batch to “NO CHARGE” : ibb.co/zxGzj23
In Customer popup message : ibb.co/XVk9qXF
Number activation mail to admin : ibb.co/YcgHt6b
status change mail to admin and customer : ibb.co/pdZjJSw
Successfully Activation in table : ibb.co/YT9MKH9
In Admin side Order comment updated to : ibb.co/JtVxRnD

-> For (718) 568-5082 number, try to activate with price batch “NO CHARGE”

Success popup to customer : ibb.co/5MHct6f
Successfully activation message in table : ibb.co/RPJkVMn
Number activation mail to admin : ibb.co/PrXRCjf
status change mail to customer and admin : ibb.co/myDtqsw
In Admin side Order comment updated to : ibb.co/DwZGq7c

For #3831

11) since you removed “X” in pop ups it is getting better but just couple points here: – when we clicked on activate number the pop up comes with only OK button which is good, then we clicked OK and the loading gif come up on the center of the screen and it is good as well thank you for that, in here please ensure that while loading gif being displayed and customer awaiting for a confirmation notice the activate button can not be clicked again. Depending on internet speed some customers can click same number’s activation button while loading gif is on. Please adjust. Once the confirmation pop up comes up the activate number button became inactive and here it works right. – Done

– After click on button, button is disable then customer do not click again : ibb.co/bbMC8Cy