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Hello Nishit thanks for your update and understanding of the task. Here are just 2 easy rules for you you missed:

a) Back EndAll the Telinta errors mentioned above should be dispplaid in the site admin notes area as per Telinta errors log so we 100% clear and aware what each error is about.

b) Front End – However once again for all the customers should be displayed ONLY One popup message that is mentioned in the job. Thats what all the customers should know about failed activation and nothing else! Here is why we still can not see that screen shot from you and it is still wrong so please refer to #3831 and job description and send us the correct failed POPUP screen as we would love to see.

Add on to #3831 (5) it seems that the text aligned center, can you please aligned the text left side. Thanks and further as per #3831.

Rg A