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Mark Hanson
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hello Nishit thank you for your updates please see comments below:

5) icon better, text looks better thank you

10) for this point it looks like you activated all three numbers and you did not set first number out of batch on telinta so we still can not see the error Telita record at the admin notes so please generate screen shot for that record so we can see it records right. Please see screen shot here

a) please ensure the numbers records in sequential order on the screen shot we displayed for you how the numbers being recorder mixed against their message notes please ensure they are displayed in order – first number line has the first notes record, second number second record and so on.

b) please see we set some arrows between all the notes please make a gap between each number record.1 number record GAP second number record GAP …etc

c) if you would follow our instruction in 10) we would see error message for number 1) and you could see the wrong failed POPUP that comes for our customers as the pop up message as it is still wrong please fix and send us your failed POPUP screenshot as e still waiting for it.

11) since you removed “X” in pop ups it is getting better but just couple points here: – when we clicked on activate number the pop up comes with only OK button which is good, then we clicked OK and the loading gif come up on the center of the screen and it is good as well thank you for that, in here please ensure that while loading gif being displayed and customer awaiting for a confirmation notice the activate button can not be clicked again. Depending on internet speed some customers can click same number’s activation button while loading gif is on. Please adjust. Once the confirmation pop up comes up the activate number button became inactive and here it works right.

– a) once number activated successful in the third column Action, please make the second column (status) message turned to “Active” word as well. We know that once number got activated and customer left the page this message will be vanished but it is important that customer sees “Active” status right after one’s number successfully activated.

it is getting better now we hope you can finish this soon

12) Today we have received some complains from our customers but as i checked these complains time most of them been received right in that time while your were working on the server, so we hope it was just a cross mapping issue while working on alive website but i will list these error below just in case it has broken and please check it is all good now and we will monitor from our end.

a) Client complains that sold numbers being displayed across the site. For example (202) 318-4000, (202) 318-5000 end some others.

b) a client reserved a number – (310) 289 – 3300 but other client could see Pay Now button for some reason please check.

c) When customers use Multiple Purchase Numbers btn it allows to purchase numbers that are reserved by other clients. Please check

d) Carrier look up not being displayed updated carrier information, we know that client changed his number carrier and we click update icon from admin order and it returned same carrier info but when we check this number again form the carrier check up page it shows different can you please fix.

will keep testing and monitoring issues and display them down IF more found.

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