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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

For #3820

5) sorry it is not not ok – Nishit please read carefully our tasks and messages to you we trying to pud down all details for you possible so you just only do it. If you check your screen it is ugly icon, jumping text, lower case, text not wideness not as we explained it should be about 1 cm to the green line but in your screen about 2,5 cm …Please find dark color system icon png, opaque background and etc as we asked.

– I made change in design it’s ok now ? ibb.co/jbPfyH6

in here please remove double brackets (( from the sublet line and pelase note that this copy shoud also go to the site admin as we keep asking you but still not receive – Done

in here please bring the wating message” Activating please wait.. down to the middle of the customer screen so customers can see whats going on some ppl not even scrolling back they mobiles and can not see that message and think it is not there. – I made change in loading message