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hi Nishit thank you for your screen shots attached,

and also when you work on 10) we look forward to see some screen shot when all three numbers generate system record messages down at admin side for all three numbers individually, as we can see now customers buying 3-5 numbers and only one message for one number displayed down the orders page next to the system notes which is not good.

So if you read carefully as mentioned above and do not forget set first number out of purchase batch on Telinta so it fails then you should be able to reproduce the error and fix it.

Then please send us all screen shot, successful activation popup and unsuccessful activation pop up that all the clients need to see.

Also we should see three records generated in admin side for first number that fail activation – the system error should respond with error details that come from Telinta and this record from Telinta must be recorded at the system notes at back end admin area and an other two should be successful also should be recorded down the back end at admin side notes in proper sequential order so please send us these screen shots we would love to see it works.

please do not break anything before finishing your work 🙂 kindly test before leave that customers still can purchase numbers, site is up and running, etc

so we wont face same issue we had other day for whole weekend.