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hello Nishit thank you for your updates please see comments below:

5) sorry it is not not ok – Nishit please read carefully our tasks and messages to you we trying to pud down all details for you possible so you just only do it. If you check your screen it is ugly icon, jumping text, lower case, text not wideness not as we explained it should be about 1 cm to the green line but in your screen about 2,5 cm …Please find dark color system icon png, opaque background and etc as we asked.

in here please remove double brackets (( from the sublet line and pelase note that this copy shoud also go to the site admin as we keep asking you but still not receive

in here please bring the wating message” Activating please wait.. down to the middle of the customer screen so customers can see whats going on some ppl not even scrolling back they mobiles and can not see that message and think it is not there.

10) here please read the issue carefully: #3818 (10): – “to re-produce this error you need to purchase 3 numbers and before activation just remove first number from Telinta Batch (then it will be 100% failed activation) then test…

then i get same error not get this error “Unfortunately we couldn’t activate…”.” – please send us the screen shot of this POP up we can not find you can get this pop up while work on clause 10) above.

for your – “If Customer is not in Telinta , If Number is not in Telinta , If Number is assign to other customer in telinta side, in all case Customer Can not activate Number agian IS that right ??” – it is right we do it now only for testing purposes to make sure:
a) that all the system errors recorded on admin side for EACH number activated and not and all errors from telinta has to be writen down at the orders area where we discussed icon and text with you
b) also at the front end we can see proper pop up when activation failed so we still can not reproduce it
so pelase makes usure it is all done while working on issue 10)

Please ensure that copy of this email goes to admin as well as we still can not see that

thank you