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Hi Nishit thanks for your update #3812

5) Could you please make the size of the system icon a bit smaller so it is same size as out other site icons card, flags etc and SYSTEM font smaller accordingly as per resized icon. Also as mentioned without red box – meaning without any box :), the box has positioned for you to show the text weight so please expand the text weight as per red box weight sample. Just leave apx 1cm to the green line.

6) could you please send us your “done” screen shot so we can see how you tested it so it works from your side and test from our end.

9) Mobile Numbers Activation is now viewable thank you.
As we tested it the mobile has got same errors, we purchased two numbers and tired to activate them, clicked on activate number btn system showed no sign that activation process started no loading gif no message, there was not ANY indication of the activation process started
please set a waiting message “activating please wait….” On both mobile and decktop.

After some time the pop up come up “xxx number has been successfully activated” on the right hand side of this pop up we could see close “x” icon and “0”! at the bottom can you please advice what the “0” means? We though it suppose to be “OK” so we clicked it but the Activate Number btn was still unchanged – please fix

Please remove “x” icon/button from the activation functionality pop ups and leave only “OK” btn at the bottom of the popups for both (desktop and mobile). So please improve this area so it all works 100%.

10) an other error found while purchasing three numbers and activating them from on Desktop . Numbers 1,2,3 clicked activate number 1 and the wrong pop up message (see #3802 (2) for more details) said that it is failed, but the activate Number button was still active, then we activate 2nd number and pop up displayed “activation successfulBUT Successful Activated status set for 1st number and second # activate Number button was still active, please investigate and fix.

Please purchase 3 cheapest numbers for your testing and test your work for admin system messaging as well as functionality – Please only purchase when you 100% sure it has been fixed.

11) in # 3770 (4) not fixed when activation failed customer CAN NOT ACTIVATE AGAIN as we tried and we could do it couple times please fix for both (mobile and Desktop)

3) # 3770 (5) has not been fixed there is still no notification email for site admin number status change along with its pin please fix – Admin should get the same notification of number activation as customer. ( Do not mixed up. I mean the notification where it says that “congratulation, you number has been activated. Then account number, pin code, carrier etc. please DO NOT MIXED UP with activation status notification)

Tip: when admin change TN status via admin panel to “active” and click “save” this notification going to customer and to admin. (Also, when customer has any additional emails on their account, this notification goes to those emails as well. So we have this system already.)

As we finding this task a bit hard for you to complete we no longer can spend budget on our testers, alternatively it will affect your payout budget for this job. So here is why please when reporting “DONE” for our list of errors kindly provide a screen shot as a proof you actually done it and we can see it has been tested and works for you – ONLY then we can put someone to double test this job from our end and confirm.

thank you

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  • This reply was modified 1 year, 2 months ago by Andrey.