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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

For #3808 and #3810

5) the system message could you please make an system icon computer a bit better and SYSTEM capital so the system icon same height as a letters so it looks more perfectional and can your please the sytem message text make a bit wider as red box on this screen 9without red box of course ) – Is it ok ? ibb.co/Ln9TyXy

6) when clients activates the number successful in the notification email subject still not showing number itself# so we can not see which exactly number as it says in #3770 (3) as it has not been fixed. – Done

7) when site admin clicks on edit to view notes (at the right top corner dropdown of each order) then views not o adds a text then refreshes the page then the message appears next to the system notes as it has a continues system message, it should not be like this please fixit. It should be separated messages apart from system and admin notes different (maybe new paragraph) so it is clear. – ibb.co/nnbjhmF Done

9) can not find Activate Recently Numbers view from mobile please advice as we can test from mobile? – It’s view now in mobile side