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Jeff Simpson
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Hi team here we go some complains received so far:

1) System messaging not complete – Client orders three number, two have been activated one not we still can not see all system logs for those ordered and failed please see screen shot attached

number xxx7777 has got a system log recorded and it is right
the other tow have no records stored for site admin.

2) One number activation failed xxx200 and clients sees wrong message please read again #3773 (6) it has not been fixed.

3) # 3770 (5) has not been fixed there is still no notification email for site admin number status change along with its pin

4) as mentioned in clause 2) above customers seeing wrong message this typo message should be displaid as a system log not for customers but what customers must see is only this popup and regular notifications

When reporting “done” can you please prove with screen shot that it is – so we can see its properly fixed and test again.If any questions please contact

thank you