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Mark Hanson
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hello Nishit after tester report please find as below:

1) Not ok – icon missing text aligned incorrectly please follow the sytem styles and design as per screen attached.

5) Still no number# in notification

4) it is good then it seems that some background processes going will keep it checking.

6) does not work please see screen attached

Here is an other scenario issues we came across and would like you to have a look at:

We purchased three numbers and when started activated first the loading process frozen for some reason and we had to refresh the page and then when when the page refreshed the activation button did not changed so we started activation again then other failed wrong message come up so we not sure whats going on

Same happened with second number. So please investigate why the loading process takes so long or even gets frozen. If activation not complete there should not be any background scenarios behind as we can see the telinta creates half of the activation work and half not but you said you have fixed that before so it is still not working.

a) Please ensure that loading bar not freezes and if any delays happen there should be time limit on that so customers ton waiting for long-time and then eventually failed.
b) Also we asked you so the system should send us a record about failed activation but no messages were recorded as well email reports as per job.

c) We also tried to buy a number from an other account but when we purchased one we could not access Numbers Activation page for some reason please investigate and fix
Please check that activation number scenario works for both Resellers and Wholesale Customers

As a summary just letting you know that client very disappointed with this job delay outcome, please ensure all completed and works, please test before confirming RAF.Everyday we read your DONEs and find same errors please do not leave incomplete untested works as we loosing time on it

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