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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

Update For Error:–

1) in admin orders i can now see System message: it is good but it looks a bit messy please find and add a nice system icon computer or other system related icon in front of the message then message. Please improve text wrapping ~ 70% wide, now it goes all the way to the green line and then next line which is not good. Please make it compact and words gaps in place the word goes right after the number so please moderate.So if number activation failed we would need full system details in there (whats going on) so it should be all nicely formatted and clear. – I made change, now It’s Ok ?

5) If the number activation successful there should be two notifications about the number activation successful PLUS the number status change the we used to receive when numbers status changed from Pending activation to Activated. We still do not get number status changed one. (please do not forget number # in subject filed) so we can see which number# already in the email title. – Done

6) Tried to activate the number with no batch assigned and activation failed which is right but still again the pop up error wrong, for failed activation client popup window should be the same for all the clients – Done

7) One number activated but on telinta is inactive – problem is that the activation time sent either server time or custom set please make the activation time set as IMMEDIATELY. NZ/AU time is earlier and USA will wait for a day till activated 🙂 please fix it – Done

For #3699
1) sort by “ascending” doesn’t work (advance search page) – Done