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Hello, have checked numbers activation after RAF only one number could activate from a client please see comments below:

* Telinta Password still same nothing changed password showing as “excellentnumbers” which is wrong it should look as a password Andre already mentioned,

* Pin numbers not being added, still can see our default pin on Telinta but not that PIN which is assigned to each particular number.

* Could not activate (209) 666-6646 for some reason

* Tried to activate the other number and failed again the pop up error wrong it seems that I need to write the job description again and again when number activation failed the popup window should be the same for all the clients

* Once you tried to activate a number the second time client already can not do it as there are some records generated on telinta but number activation failed. So half works half don’t = job does not work. It seems that there is a multiple scenarios on the server conflicting with each other.

*If the number activation successful there should be two notifications about the number activation successful PLUS the number status change the we used to receive when numbers status changed from Pending activation to Activated. We still do not get number status changed one.

*If the number activation failed (not in a batch) the site admin should receive full system report about what’s happened step by step as per Job 5e

* System should generate full report message in admin as per job 5d we can not see it.

* I have already attached a system step by step map for better understanding it does not have batch price but most of it still actual

* Each Email should have a NUMBER # itself in its subject field so we know what number # notification is about, we also mentioned if the subject blue header can not fit both number and title then you can either do smaller font or increase the notification email blue header so it fits.

Please DO NOT WORK ON ANY OTHER OLD ERRORS until we can use Recently Purchased Number Activation task as it is on the job description and it is 100% working