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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

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1) Pup up message XXXX number(s) have been successfully activated please remove (s) after numbers it will be one number activated at a time, also …has been activated instead of have only one number at a time again. – Done

2) Once the number activated on Telinta in account info – the pass is incorrect please allow telinta generate pass as excellentnumbers pass is incorrect there is an auto button next to pass here is how pass should look likescreen here if it is imposible to get such pas while API activation then let somthing simmilar been generated insead pass looking like not an excellentnumbers – Done

3) custom field tab – pin code filed please let the pincode be copied from the phone number assigned to this number on EN – Done

4) on Numbers Activation Page once the number activated please let the word say Successfully Activated instead of Active – Successfully Activated bold green color font. – Done

6) when the phone number status changes in admin to Active -both site admin and user used to receive a Phone Number Activated notification we did not receive that can you please ensure this comes trough as well. – Done

Query :-
5) please ensure that on site Admin in orders generated message as per job. We could not find it – please explain more, i could not understand