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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

1) Process of Number Activation for first option :–

System check Number in Telinta pool

Number has three status In Use, Frozen and Free

1) In Use – Error “TN Status is IN Use”.

2) Free & Frozen – System Check IF Customer is exist in Telinta(by unique id)

– System check If price batch is already assign to number then
System assign number to customer then
Create New Account id that’s equal to the number and adding “1” in Front
Account Create Successfully then TN status has been successfully Activated

– If System could not assign number to customer – “Error”

– If there is not price batch for number – “assign price batch & customer to number and Create Account ID Manually”

– If Customer is not exist in telinta pool then – Error “Customer does not exist in telinta pool”.

– If Number is not exist in telinta then – Error “TN does not exist in telinta pool”

Is it Ok ?