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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thanks for your code and try, please find some ideas we’ve got here below please read them carefully and advice what is the best and efficent way to go:

1) First option we have manualy created two batches on Telinta “no charge’ and ‘EN” we can put all the numbers to once of this batches so we wont need to do it via API and only activate numbers.

Problems can be here – we will have to at all the time adding new numbers to those batches and that brings loads of inconveniences for the site admin.

2) Second option the system request the number on telinta as per our current job THEN delete this number and create this number again along with with its default bacth and the activate. As we can see the bach can be added ONLY when adding number on Telinta.

Problems can be here – We may ended up with mulltiple calls back and forth deleting numbers and creating them again then we will need to be sure that each operation complete as if the number deleted and then internet cut has not been completed it may lead to some CRM issues. So we MUST put huge efford of making sure that site admin recives detail reports from Telinta if the number deleted or nor created etc so we can act promptly.

#) and third option please advice if you have some other option to make this happened to be able to activate recently purchased numbers.

Please advice which way we will go and why.

Thank You