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Jeff Simpson
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hello for #3726 no probs

for #3721 & #3722 was going to contact Telinta but had a quick look at that first as as i thought looks and found the following:
1) the good news is that accounts being created just need to generate a better password for that so it is not million characters.
2) The bad news is that as i can see your developer not specified “1” in front of the number as per job details. So i opened Mike’s account and checked numbers they are all without “1” this is probably why you are getting respond that the number is not available.

i hope you guys check Telinta while working on this job. Also it would be great to follow the job details and make sure what error logs that Telinta respond back forwarded to the site admin notification as it has been mentioned on email that will help with problem resolution.

cheers JF