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thank you team for updates, here is some updates form me as well, as per finance request to hold the payment towards this job it seems that the payment for all jobs goes to the developers’ supervisor who is not always aware about whats actually going on with job progress:

So Nishit please keep your supervisor aware if one is not able to check this form so the job is not done and he believes it has been done, also i suspect that the developers supervisor is not aware about never ending errors that we already paid for but they are still coming up.

So from now on Jeff – Finance team please process all the payment ONLY after all the jobs tested and confirmed working not any deposits paid upfront but only after 100% job completion.

Please let me know if missed anything.

Nishit i hope you can now figure out what is wrong on this job after #3725 post if you use Skype call me if any questions.


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