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Hello Nishit, can you please clarify why you sent us a code for are you requesting a support to have a look at that or what your source code reply means ,is that question – then about what or is that answer for what? can you please communicate clearly.

the customers hire you to achieve certain results, it is like a customer driver hires an auto mechanic. So when that happens the driver wants to see ones car engine started and driving and usually customers do not want to hear or simply can not understand technical part which is located inside of the engine. Same here as we can see your updates we expect the job done reports instead of scripts or scenarios of your source code. It does not help customer to achieve their goals .

So could you please let us know about following:
1) Whether you can do this job or not? You’ve got all resources available: Guide Docs, Full Access, Experience etc Need help? Then what exactly very clear.

2) If you can do your own please let us know: – when are you going to do finish this job? as we are way back in our schedule now. We can not afford spending days on hoping that you done the job but seeing your source code.

3) If you need a help from an other developer then we can hire someone for reading your source and possible help you on that but this will affect your repayments. As we need to pay that someone from the same budget.

At this stage we still can not activate numbers and have got nothing to do about your plans as your replies are very unclear.

Please also note while testing same number the system on telinta generate the record for the number 1XXX..old extension and this can be an other issue but I hope you know that, so if you want to test purchase a cheap number and test.

Please let me know if you want us to organize a call or other issues.