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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

Update for error:-

2) The notification has to have a number in the subject so we can see what number activation is about. Customer both first and second name. Also when looking trough mobile the subject of the email does not fit in the blue header please either make the header wider or font smaller – Done

8) When customer searching numbers on the advanced search page, and using multiple purchase button, then clicking on “go cart page”, it is saying that the page you are looking for appears to have been moved, deleted or no longer exist – Done

10) on “my numbers” page, if TN status is pending activation (yellow color) and this number has pending port out (red background) then the words “pending activation” could not readable. – Done

11) Area codes on home page must be synchronized with the area codes on the advanced search page – Done

13) Pin Removal Issue again which reported fixed some time ago. – Done

Thanks & Regards