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Hello Nishit, please find the test results for your Numbers Activation job:

1) The activation does not work I keep trying multiple times and activation is unsuccessful. Yes we started receiving notifications now that say that number is not in telinta DB but it is there. I hope you remember that numbers on EN has this format (201) 201 0300 but on telinta it is like 12012010300 so please double check. If it helps try to login to Mike T account purchase a number and activate to see more details. Please let us keep the new screen shots and not sending last year screen shots if any thing missing.

2) The notification has to have a number in the subject so we can see what number activation is about. Customer both first and second name. Also when looking trough mobile the subject of the email does not fit in the blue header please either make the header wider or font smaller

3) On admin side we can not see the number activation details under notes and it should be like TN 210-201-0100, Activation Error: TN is already assigned to other user in the TL’s Pool and TN 201 201-0100 successfully activated 2.18.2021 1.23PM EST (IP: xxxxxxxx) – if it is not in the job please let me know.

4) On Checkout we still can not see Your Order Total Cost that we asked you to add before

5) on “my numbers” page, if TN status is pending activation (yellow color) and this number hase pending port
out (red background) then the words “pending activation” could not readable.

6) when customer has tried to activate a number via “activate new numbers page” and the activation was unsuccessful, on “my numbers” activation date saying the same date of activation trial. So if the activation was unsuccessful; then it should be date screened

7) Just would like to let you know that we will be renaming the page “Activate new numbers” to “Activate Pending Numbers”. I’ll do it by myself but if you need to make some adjustments in any code, please do so

Previous Paid Jobs

We have also checked and as we can see the multiple purchase button has stopped working for some reason so I suspect that if we start checking previous work we may find a multiple errors again so then developer may say: -“ that im working on the errors and continue working on the job once finished fixing errors” so I do not want to hear that we have paid for the work that suppose to be working and we do not need to loos our time. So please all the team ensure that work completed works as it has been already teste and paid we do not need to spend money and time on testing again and then on repairs. If that’s the case please discuss with finance team regarding putting our previous payments on HOLD till all the area work smooth.

Here are some errors already found:

8) When customer searching numbers on the advanced search page, and using multiple purchase button, then clicking on “go cart page”, it is saying that the page you are looking for appears to have been moved, deleted or no longer exist

9) sort by “ascending” doesn’t work (advance search page)

10) on “my numbers” page, if TN status is pending activation (yellow color) and this number hase pending port
out (red background) then the words “pending activation” could not readable.

11) Area codes on home page must be synchronized with the area codes on the advanced search page

12) Admin —> website content —> web pages When page is viewable (green tick icon ) then it should be filtered by inside page rules (page access rules) But if there is a red X, then page shouldn’t be viewable anywhere even on mobile site.

And finally unfortunately can not participate on your project discussions at all the time but monitoring at all the time, so while responding to the forum can you guys be more detail clear about problem – resolution clarity. For example I can see the team already reported that Numbers Activation does not work but I can not see any respond if it has been fixed and if not why? What I can see is some uncertainty and old screen shots being sent back.

Please find some screen shots below as a reference.


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