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Mark Hanson
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Hi Nishit please find some comments after testing,

Carrier Lookup – The carrier lookup admin part works incorrectly, if you remember we’ve got a carrier that detects telephone service but customers can change the carrier this is why on admin side we’ve got refresh btn carrier to find updated carrier for each phone number so this part not works when we refresh the carrier and if new carrier there still old data being sent in notification emails please fix it.

Numbers Activation – it is still not working we tried to Activate Some numbers and the request turned red as it has started but no number activated as we checked, also there is no notifications come to admin email (as per job details) , also on My Numbers Page still activation date being generated which is not right as the number has not been activated yet. The activation date should only be generated when the number activation successful.

We think when you say job complete you could not test it properly – this is why we have discussed with the client and now authorized webmaklay account can purchase 2-3 real numbers on the site (with the price no more that $400) for your testing and activation proper testing.