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Jeff Simpson
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Hi Nishit there was no any modifications /re tweaking on the server so the server setting remain the same from the time you started working on this project then uploaded your Numbers Activation files till this moment.
All the server settings are not touched and operate in a mode there were for around 2 year by now. The very latest down time was related to the server static IP change which is not the case.

Please kindly review your latest codding and reply back to us if you able to deal with this issue.
Just to help you out – as I can see that carrier lookup sends its carrier request to(intelligent, peerless ..) and once received all the number’s currier information become updated. So now it is very important in this case if the carrier request does not get a respond from our telecom operators please create an exception to allow all purchase orders to be generated with the carrier respond as “pending”.

I suspect that we are dealing with the carrier data transfer communications algorithm and that causing new orders being blocked from purchasing,
Please kindly investigate this asap to get this issue resolved urgently.

As per Numbers Activation we still unable to activate recently purchased numbers so this is not working but please get the clients to purchase numbers first then you can look at the Activation Numbers docs.
Thank You