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Hello Nishit thank you for finishing work looks we will be fixing some errors here as Mark has laready mentioned in #3650

1) Some infected files appearing there we suspect that password may got corrupted so guys provide updated credentials to Nishit

2) # Currier Look Up” this seems to become a problem more and more complains about that. Please fix it asap. As it should keep sending currier updates for our clients numbers and if they updated their currier admin should be able to find out while refreshing it from admin panel so it is not working now.

3) Numbers activation does not work we tried to activate a number and seen error feed not loading

4) from now on it is not even sending an information about numbers activation see screen here.

5) in admin panel we noted an input box which was not there before please fix it see screen here

Nishit please let us know if you taking EN Upgrade 21 job so we need to assign this job to a developer while fixing errors here.

regards A