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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

For #3631 and #3633
1) Number Activation –

For example, we have Number(333-TEST API). we have activate this number. First of all Check this number(13338378274) is in Telinta’s inventory or not, and then Check Customer(customer_id = i_customer) is in Telinta’s inventory or not, If both condition are true then check number is in used or not If number is in used then number activate successfully.

If number is not in used and i_customer is another customer unique id means number is already assign to other customer but not in used, In this case we can change i_customer on this number. But as before ask you i_customer can’t change because this value inserting only when create account time after for this number creating account i_customer value can’t change.

In order to change i_customer in those numbers which are not in use we have to suspend that account and Recreate that numbers account with that i_customer ?

Update for the task:-

I am working in telinta for assign number to customer.

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