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Jeff Simpson
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hello team some comments/errors for this job found so far:

1) When opening some states District of Columbia for example it has started showing + between the words like District+of+Columbia please fix it it is not suppose to have any + characters between the wording please see sample here and here please check that it is all checked on all the states:

2) When customers browsing states they can not find filter that suppose to present on every state page next to the sort by filter but now it has gone for some reason. The missing filter allowed our customers to browse numbers by X00-X000, XYY- XYYY and etc. Same filter still presents on the advanced search page but missing on the states (categories) pages could you please fix it so both Sort By and Filter By are available for our customers.

3) When open site from Mobile (Mobile View) going to My Numbers – Search stopped working for some reason. For example on my numbres page customer has number (828) 282-0320 when we search this number from the search field 828 the search brings no results. Then we tried to search as (828) and still no results displayed. Please fix it the search worked great before and searched all numbers no matter if our request had brackets or not.

4) and the other complain we received that our customers can not top up they account they say that when they use our site top up the loading gif keeps loading with no results could you please check that.

Please ensure all the works working on both Mobile and Deck Top
Cheers JF