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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

Here is the update for the task.

1) Loading Globe Upgrade

I discussed with our designer person. He said he could not create Globe GIF, so Loading Globe Upgrade task Will not completed

Please make other tasks completed for your side.

For #3495

4. When number pending activation status then Ring To option should not be available – Done.

For #3503

When we were testing Purchase Multiple Numbers we ticked multiple numbers and then we tried to remove from cart. In here please change the text “All numbers are removed from the cart” to “All numbers have been removed from the cart”. – Done

So we picked some numbers for example 111,222,333 then removed these numbers and message displayed that all numbers removed then we tried to add other numbers but when we clicked Purchase Multiple Numbers again the numbers 111,222,333 become already selected again so the numbers not being removed from the cart could you please fix it? – Done

Thanks & Regards