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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit i was in touch with customer services and also asked someone to create a display screen shot for #3437 9)
so here are some comments errors and screenshots below to fix:

1. for #3437 9) here is what we would love you to do for step 5 after cart items – sketch sample you can do same as on the screen juts use the site color not light blue.

2. When user picks a number while using multiple purchase function and tick radio button then reserve and activate now buttons should be disappearing- screen shot

3.When customer export numbers in file there is still source code issue coming up see number 16 in the list screen shot attached

4. When number pending activation status then Ring To option should not be available – screen shot

5. When donloading files with number can the file name has the download date as well – see screen shot

6. As you can see on this screen shot not all the buttons fit mobile screen could you please make a “bulk action” dropdown with arrow once clicked then button displayed.

7. On this screen shot a few errors: – Please remove “Unreserved” word and please put service “30 days call forwarding” instead of quantity as each number separate.

8.On this screen shot – please see still showing price but it should be “0” as it was before and under the number one time searching and activation fees should be the price as you did on an other place.

9. When the site guests (non logged in) visiting some pages here is what they see screen

10. When paying multiple numbers can your please make number then arrow -> poiting to the filed showing where to put the call forwarding number – please see screen

Thank you Nishit!