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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

For #3471

1) still not fixed customers still sending us complains and can not purchase number see screen shot here please fix it asap as it is urgent — I made change in this point

For #3437

9) Step 5 The text call forwarding and service 30 minutes.. which is under the first block please remove it is already mentioned in the block above. Then account information and two frame blocks please make a bit looking better for example make a blue heading with curved corners fields on the left top side of each block and white color title (activation information) and then next block with other title. Then these two frame blocks put them both one after an other vertically with a nice heading like a folder tab and text inside. The text inside of the bloc maybe needs to be with a line divider so all text not looking empty on in the box inner content.

— Which point is remaining please tell me or explain more for this point.