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Hello Nishit thank you for #3459 – as i can see you reporting almost all the tasks done just Loading Globe Upgrade task left. We also need to check all the RAF (reported as finished tasks) so we will go trough them shortly and get back to you with results.

So far as i can see there are couple complains from our customer services team:

1) People can not purchase the number probably was something during your work on the site but please check this issue this is the complain details here.

2) and second one is related to your #3459 clause 4 – customer complain that the mobile version has transformed to worse and some items are missing for example RESERVE button completely disappeared all the content messed up, could your please have a look at that we do not do any works on the mobile version now so not sure why this gone crap please see screen shot here . I hope some previous screens so you can have a look at tham how it was before and bring the mobile version to that already designed/paid condition.

i assuming that we will receive some more comments after testing so we paid majority of the budget for this job and still some left for the next year repayment that’s when you finish Loading Globe Upgrade plus what ever comments errors come up.

Also we would like to wish you the very best in upcoming Happy 2021 Year and would like you to accept our humble present and thank you bonus also paid along with todays transaction (details in your office page).

Thank you for your daily updates
Best regards Andrey