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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

Here is the update for the tasks.

For #3442
we can see that you removed image from card page when ordering number and it is all right but when the number reserved for certain period of time and the timer countdown – some of the reserved images appear on the cart page can you please have a look at that? — I made change in this task for Purchase Process

For 3437

Purchase Process

1) When i added number to cart the color of the buttons better than green but still needs to be in other color sorry not sure which one better but it has same blue as the site frames and it looks all the same and i think contrast is missing here. — In Progress

2) Text “Unreserved” under the number needs to be removed. — Done

3) Then i proceed to checkout i thing we need to enlarge all the font on those 5 steps and the number font must be more bigger please. So the number should be standing out as it is a main information on the checkout process. — Done

4) Step 1 if we add two or more numbers the ring to fields not aligned vertical and coming up in a bit messy structure please left each number aligned down vertical very accurately each umber and ring to filed in a raw. — Done

5) Step 2 each number in a raw looking nice but please make the service raw should display “0” dollar and then on the next raw one time searching and activation fees prices should be with a price. I can see you removed “0” but it is not right we do not sell numbers and this is why the $ “0” raw should be on the same raw as its number and only next raw which says “one time searching and activation…” should display the price. So it is clear the the pay not for the number but for the service. — Done

6) Step 3 the text where it says:- “i also want to electronics delivery to this email address” you missed an email word and client email where the electronic delivery should go to. — Done

7) Step 4 firstly the step 4 heading text looks a bit messy hard to read, then same think Free Electronic delivery to ” the customer email should be indicated here. — Done

8) Step 5 should contain Service information as on Step 2 but we can see “0” next to the service and activation fees so you need to move the raw with a “0” one raw up so it is against the phone number but service and activation… and price down where the service raw. — Done

9) Step 5 The text call forwarding and service 30 minutes.. which is under the first block please remove it is already mentioned in the block above. Then account information and two frame blocks please make a bit looking better for example make a blue heading with curved corners fields on the left top side of each block and white color title (activation information) and then next block with other title. Then these two frame blocks put them both one after an other vertically with a nice heading like a folder tab and text inside. The text inside of the bloc maybe needs to be with a line divider so all text not looking empty on in the box inner content. —- Done